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Departure date Jan. 4, 2020 Tour type Felvonulás Max group size: None
Arrival date: Sept. 20, 2019 Difficulty: 3 Organizer: Bikeman
Distance: 3500 Appr. speed: None Tour id: 6039
Tour type: Felvonulás

Participants:    2 persons 2 motor
MOTO CUBA February 4 to February 20, 2020
Day 1 Collection of motorcycles, administrative / customs activities,
registration of motorcycles. Evening - visiting Havana.
Day 2 Havana - Vinilales - 180 km
Morning - we're leaving Havana and going to Vinilales, plan: visiting caves, making cigars.
Evening - horse riding and roasting a piglet on the grill.
Day 3 Viniales - Playa Larga - 350 km (Disznó öböl- CIA partraszállási kisérlete)
Pig Bay, landing of American Cubans and fighting the Cuban army.
Day 4 Day off - visiting crocodile farms,visiting the lagoon and the island with an Indian village from the boat deck, learning to dive with a coral reef. Sunbath.
Day 5 Playa Larga - Trinidad - 200 km (szerintem a leghangulatosabb Kubai város. Az első kolóniák egyike Latin Amerikában, amit a spanyolok alapítottak) EL NICHO waterfalls, walks through the beautiful streets of
Trinidad, amazing atmosphere, and hot Cuban rhythms and dance lessons at Casa de la Musica, on the stairs next to the cathedral.
Day 6 Trinidad - Camaguey - 260 km
it is distinguished by a large number of colonial buildings, monuments, and tasting of sugar cane juice.
Day 7. Camaguey - Manzanillo - 230 km
Visiting the fishing port and the largest attraction of Manzanillo, that is Moorish architecture centered around the central Parque Céspedes.
Day 8 Manzanillo - Santiago de Cuba - 280 km -
driving (on sections of the route) the shore of the ocean.
Manzamollo - Santiago de Cuba - 200 km - FOR Lazy In Santiago itself, visiting the cemetery where Fidel Castro is buried, performances of Cuban folklore, sightseeing of the city.
Day 9 Santiago de Cuba - Guantánamo - 80 km Free time, rest, swimming pools. (1-2 days depending on getting a pass). (Guantanamói amerikai támaszpontra be lehet jutni, igaz az engedély megszerzése körölményes. A az öböl gyönyörű)
Day 10 Caimanera - Gibara - 450 km – (a legszebb Cubai út)
A beautiful scenic route from Cajo Babo to Baracoa and then a hard gravel ride through beautiful mountains, the fourth largest colonial city of Cuba.
Caimanera - Gibara - 230 km - FOR Lazy
Beaching, sightseeing.
Day 11 Gibara - Moron - 340 km
The city is famous for the monument of a bronze rooster.
Day 12 Moron - Cayo Santa Maria - 180 km
Along the way, a palm forest massacred after the last typhoon, a 40km
drive across an artificial dam, beautiful views. In Cayo, accommodation in climatic bungalows overlooking the ocean. Beaching rest.
Day 13 Day off - sailing for fishing by a beautiful motor boat, sunbathing on
the boat, attractions, and after returning from the water rest and sunbathing.
Day 14 Cayo Santa Maria - Matanzas, Varadero - 340 km
Sightseeing and rest.
Day 15 Matanzas - Varadero- Havana - 100 km
Walks around the most famous city of Varadero after Havana, sunbathing.
Day 16 We pass motorcycles and we prepare to return.
1. Pilotage of motorcyclists experienced in traveling around Cuba along the entire expedition route
2. Accommodation in casaparticulares and hotels along with breakfast
3. A horse-drawn trip combined with supper and roasting a piglet
4. Visiting the crocodile farm
5. Sailing by boat and visiting an Indian village on the island
6. Passage and entry to the militarized Cuban zone at the US Guantánamo zone
7. Training and scuba diving in coral reefs
8. A trip on a large motorboat 900 kM with the possibility of fishing or catamaran
9. The expedition provides for rest on the most beautiful beaches of Cuba
10. Visiting Havana and the Ernest Hemingway museum

Menetrend, program(ok):
a dij tartalmazza még: Debrecen-Budapest- Varsó – Havanna oda és vissza szállítást, beléptetési procedurát, ideiglenes Cubai rendszámot. 1 fő 2 ágyas szobában 4.400 eur +300 eur egy ágyas szoba felár utas 1600 eur. nincs benne üzemanyag (kb 250 eur), ebéd vacsora (10 eur / alkalom), nemzetközi repjegy kb 685 eur szivar, hűtőmágnes stb. February 4 to February 20, 2020 repűlőjegy: Tue, 4 Feb KLM 06:30 — 08:45 Budapest (BUD) - Amsterdam (AMS) Economy 2h 15m KLM 1972 · Narrow-body jet · Boeing 737-800 Passenger/BBJ2 (winglets) Change planes in Amsterdam (AMS) Long stopover 3h 52m Tue, 4 Feb KLM 12:35 — 17:15 Amsterdam (AMS) - Havana (HAV) Economy 10h 40m KLM 723 · Wide-body jet · Airbus A330-200 Return HAV – BUD 15h 05m Thu, 20 Feb Lands Fri, 21 Feb KLM 19:10 — 10:30


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(Bikeman) Magyarország, Budapest 22.991523, -82.410325

Sept. 2, 2019, 11:53 a.m. Sept. 2, 2019, 11:53 a.m. Módosít Törlés


Bikeman Sept. 2, 2019, 11:57 a.m. 114939
Ha nincs saját motorod, akkor biztosítani tudok 2008 BMW R1200GS-t ( 60 eur/ nap)
Bikeman Sept. 2, 2019, 11:55 a.m. 114938

Participants: 2 Persons, 2 bikes
, Sept. 2, 2019, 11:53 a.m.
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